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If so, you need to apply for a visa from the Australian Government. The type of visa that you need will depend on the reasons for your visit and the things you want to do while you are there.

Which visa should you apply for?

Whether you are interested in visiting, studying or working temporarily in Australia, you must have the right visa before you travel. There are many visas for you to choose from. For example, if you intend to bring your spouse or family, you will need to apply for a partner or family visa.

If you only want to visit Australia for a short period of time you can apply for a temporary visa. But if you want to live in Australia permanently, you must apply for a permanent visa, and in some circumstances, you may need to apply for a bridging visa.

Migration consultants making your application for an Australian visa quick, easy and hassle free

This will depend on the type of visa you want to apply for, your personal situation and who is helping you through the process.

Are you confused yet?


The Australian visa process can be very complicated and the application guidelines deceptively simple. When you make your application, there is no room for error. So how do you avoid wasting your money and give yourself the best opportunity of success?

You need expert assistance from a professional migration consultant!

Based in Perth but serving a global clientele, Your Australian Migration is a registered migration agency, dedicated to helping people providing you with the best

By law, in Australia only registered migration agents are allowed to give you immigration assistance and must provide professional service in accordance with the “Code of Conduct for registered migration agents”. This protects you from being exploited and promotes quality professional service.


Remove all of your uncertainty by engaging the services of some of the country’s leading registered migration agents. We are qualified and experienced registered migration agents who can give you the assistance that you want and need. Together we will devise a strategy that will give you the best opportunity of success. We will guide you through the process, prepare your application and other necessary documentation, advocate on your behalf and, if necessary, prepare submissions for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


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