Partner Visa

Partner or Spouse Visa Agents in Perth

Your Australian Migration are a registered agency with experienced partner visa agents ready to help you begin the application process. By law in Australia only registered visa agents can provide advice and assistance on applications, to ensure quality of service and professional advice. Our agents are qualified, experienced and registered members of  the Migration Institute of Australia, so you can be sure we provide up to date advice on all Partner visas. Our visa agents can assist persons both within Australia and internationally with their visa application. We have experience in all kinds of visas, from Partner visas to Parent visas. We are a local agency, based in Perth, which means we are always in the forefront of changes to Australian law or regulatory guidelines in the visa process.

Is a Migration Agent Necessary for a Spouse Visa?

It is entirely possible to complete a visa application without a qualified visa agent, but is it worthwhile? Visa applications can be very expensive; Partner visas, for example, cost more than $7,000 whether you apply in or outside Australia. Applications can also take a long time to be processed; anywhere from 14-28 months depending on the type of Partner visa you are applying for. A visa agent can provide expert advice to help you avoid errors which risk a new application – and a new fee. Applying for a Partner visa with the help of a registered visa agent is the best way to achieve a high chance of success on your first try. Get in touch with our Perth-based visa agents on +61 411 824 773 for personalised advice on your situation.

Still Have Questions? Contact our Perth Offices Today

Visa advice is a very individual process. It requires a solid understanding of your unique situation before we can proceed with an application. If you’re ready to begin the visa application process, contact our qualified migration agents for professional advice on a Partner visa. We can also assist with parent, visitor, resident return and student visas. Call us on +61 411 824 773 or email at for more information today.